Kidd Kenn Is An Entertainer from Eastside of Chicago, IL.  With a mindset of a champion that is a young gay males that makes it comfortable for other youth to be there self. Kidd Kenn address those issues with a passion and hunger that can’t be denied.  He’s buzzing and also getting respect from everyone including heterosexual males. Kidd Kenn goal is being the first mainstream openingly gay male hip hop artist. Kidd kenn Fan base is growing.

Kidd Kenn is an Artist from the Eastside of Chicago. With the mindset of a champion. Kidd Kenn Message to the youth is “Its ok to be yourself” Kidd address those issues with a passion and hunger that can’t be denied. After his exclusive interview with the late “ZackTv” Kidd began buzzing all around Chicago and other places. Gaining nothing but the upmost “RESPECT” from not only his peers but also from known Artists such as Kehlani (Who flew Kidd out to perform his remix to FBG Duck song “Slide” in 2018 at San Francisco Pride).The song gained over 400K or more views on Facebook and over 300K on Twitter with only a 30 second clip. Worldstar also picked up Kidd Kenn remix Gummo which also did over 100K in views. The young handsome 16yr old has a very unique look(with his half and half colored hair), great Charisma, humor and Crazy word play makes it hard to deny this New wave he’s created. Kidd released his first EP “Childish” this past summer wit his hit single “Eriod” featuring Queen Key.

Kidd Kenn Feat Queen Key “Eriod”
Prod. By Saint The Good Boy